The Best Online Totes New Jersey

The American sportsbooks offering residents of New Jersey the best online totes access will thrill bettors no end. Known as either pool betting or pari-mutuel betting, totes betting differs from fixed online betting in that the sportsbook customer cannot access information on odds until the strike time has passed, usually as the race begins, and no more bets can be laid. The stakes for the bets are totaled when the race ends, and a percentage is taken by the house. After this the remainder is divvied up between bettors who made correct guesses as to the final placing of the animals.

Divisions of the Best Online Totes

The more popular horses will draw a higher number of New Jersey bettors, and so the resultant payout will be split amongst more individuals when the race comes to an end. The real money lies on correctly naming an outsider for a win, as the dividends paid out in these cases will be much higher, as there are fewer people taking part in the pool.

Get the Best Online Totes Bet Options

American sportsbooks offering the best online totes options to New Jersey residents will offer a number of wager options besides the popular Win bet. Along with place bet pools, American bettors can take part in Exacta, Trifecta, Doubles, Trebles, Quinella, Superfecta, Box bets, Trebles, Quadrella bets and Sweeps, among others.

Win bets require New Jersey bettors to name the first place finisher of a race. Widen this option to include the animals to take the first three positions in a Place bet. You could even combine the two and opt for an Each Way bet if you like, a double bet that sees more than one way to win. If the horse you nominate takes first place you will collect your payout on both bets, if it comes in at either the second or third positions you will still be able to collect on one of your wagers.

The Exacta bets will need a correct prediction of the first two positions, in the correct order. If you are certain you know the horses to take these first two places but are not so sure about the order in which they will, you can opt for a Quinella. Trifecta bets are those in which you are required to bet on which horses will come first, second and third at the end of the race, and, again, the order must be correct. Boxing a Trifecta is when the New Jersey bettor also takes the spread into account. This results in a wager containing every possible outcome for the three contenders.

The best online totes will offer New Jersey bettors a number of ways to make winning wagers, and you are sure to find a bet that suits your style.

Great Online Totes

The best online totes options described here are just some of the great wager options that await you. These bets will add a fantastic level of fun and excitement to the horse races you already enjoy, so browse the sportsbooks available here and find one that can deliver some of the thrills. Rated and reviewed for your convenience, you will soon find your best online totes experience and win. Choose one of New Jersey’s best sportsbooks and enjoy this exciting betting action online now.