NJ Bettors & Boxing Betting

You do not have to live in the Las Vegas area to enjoy boxing betting, as many New Jersey residents will tell you. With a huge amount of fights taking place over the course of every year, with fighters vying for an array of titles, you can be sure you will lay a vast number of successful bets if you lay your wagers through a reputable American sportsbook. Betting online is becoming more and more popular every day, and there is a great variety of excellent sportsbooks available right here for interested New Jersey bettors to take their pick from.

Boxing Basics for Betting

Two fighters compete against each other for the win in a Boxing match, and the winner is decided by a points system, awarded for landed punches, or knock out punches, also known as KOs. A match is made up of rounds, each a few minutes long, and these rounds can exceed twelve or more, as they are subject to the structure of the match. A wide variety of bets can be made during the course of a fight, and bettors from New Jersey will have their pick of the bunch.

New Jersey Boxing Betting Sites

The best betting sites for boxing betting are all gathered here under one virtual roof, and you can browse all the ratings and reviews afforded them at your own pace. Choose from a variety of platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices, and find the American sportsbook to meet your betting needs now.

All the information available here is kept up to date, so you will always have all the relevant information with which to lay your wager, and you can be sure that the New Jersey sportsbook you find is the best of what is available online.

Boxing Bets for NJ Punters

Take your time and explore what is offer here, and do your homework before you start laying wagers. A prepared bettor is a successful one, and there are hints, strategies, guides and tips for boxing betting that will ensure you enjoy your online experience from the word go.

There are three main bets that boxing betting employs, the Total bet, Knock Out bet, and Moneyline bet.

Total bets allow residents of New Jersey to bet on two factors of matches, namely how many rounds a match will be made up of, and how many points the boxers will score during the competition. They are offered as Over/Under bets, and can really put your knowledge of the game itself and the fighters participating to the test.

Knock Out bets, as the name suggests, are wagers laid on a fighter losing the match due to a KO punch, and you will not be able to collect your payout unless this occurs. These bets are not always available for matches, but can be a thrilling wager to lay for fighters known to win or lose as a result of these.

Moneyline bets mimic Win bets for other sports, and you will need to guess the winner of the fight in order to collect. A line is provided for a draw, which is a great extra feature for New Jersey bettors to take into account.

When you start boxing betting you will be amazed at how much more you start enjoying the fights you already do. Get into the ring with your favorite fighter in a whole new way when you begin boxing betting now.