Cricket Betting at Top NJ Sportsbooks

Although not as widely popular as some other forms of sports betting in the United States, cricket betting is becoming more prevalent every day for New Jersey residents. Thanks to the fact that cricket matches are happening for most of the year, there is no obstacle to Americans taking part whenever they like, thanks to the great access American sportsbooks are offering online.

Highlights like the ICC World Cup and Ashes series draw a massive amount of betting from fans across the globe, and lucky New Jersey residents can now take part in these as they please. Simply peruse the information available on this website, offered along with ratings and reviews, and find the best options right now. You can sign up for a free online account quickly and easily, and, besides being able to claim from any number of free offers, special promotions and bets, you can start laying your wagers at once.

This game is made up of a dizzying array of figures, forms and averages, and cricket betting as a result can be as complex as you would like to make it. This type of betting takes a different shape depending on which version of the game is being played, and, thanks to the World Wide Web, the time of a game and its location are no longer obstacles for interested bettors. As long as you have a way to connect to the internet with your device, be it a laptop, personal computer, smartphone or tablet, you can access all the information you require in order to start laying successful wagers.

Test Cricket Betting for Punters

For purist bettors, test cricket betting is the wagering style of choice. Taking place over a five day period, there are a number of interesting markets available for bettors from New Jersey to have a look at. These are dependent on the popularity of the match, and will include options like live betting on the next man out and futures betting that allow bettors to lay wagers on a team or player’s performance over an entire series.

One Day Cricket Match Markets for Betting

The cricket World Cups have pushed this version of the game into the limelight, and there sometimes more than 50 markets for New Jersey bettors to make their selection from. This shortened version of the game has a lot of supporters, with quick returns on high tension bets being the order of the day.

20/20 Cricket Betting Options

These games feature a high run volume and some truly extraordinary batting from the celebrity athletes who compete. The IPL, Indian Premier League, is the most widely known version of these games, and the high celebrity quotient brings an unusual amount of betting from individuals from New Jersey and around the USA.

Betting Varieties for Cricket

The complexity of the game of cricket is reflected in the cricket betting options available, and there are many types for New Jersey bettors to explore. Make your bets on individual players’ achievements, margins, and awards like which batter will bring in the most runs or which bowler will score the most wickets, or wager on a team’s accomplishments for a single game or series.

Start cricket betting from one of the great New Jersey sports betting sites available right here and enjoy the win.