Online New Jersey Cycling Betting

Watching and betting on cycling events have been popular activities in New Jersey and the rest of America for years, and online sportsbooks have made punting more convenient with more diverse options than ever before. Now you can research all prospective competitors, place wagers and check results from the comfort of your own home, or from wherever your daily life takes you if you are using a mobile handset. You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of these opportunities, and one of the best ways to get started on your cycling betting adventures is to read out guidelines here.

NJ Cycling Betting on the Major Events

When you are beginning to explore online cycling betting in New Jersey, we strongly recommend that you begin with the European Grand Tours. These will expose you to every kind of cycling wager possible, and you can transfer the skills and knowledge you acquire to every other cycling event you are interested in. The three tours are the Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España and Tour de France, and each takes place over twenty-one days. By watching all of the challenges they present their riders with, you will gain real insight into the events and rider performance.

Options in Cycling Betting

The online New Jersey betting sites that we review here offer every kind of cycling punting opportunity possible. You may want to start out by simply predicting the race or stage winner with straight bets, or you may want to try a head-to-head punt. These are a little easier, because all you need to do is say which of two cyclists will rank higher at the end of a stage or race.

As your confidence grows and you gain more insight into the world of cycling bets, you can branch out into exotic wagers and event-specific punts. The bets you can place on who will win the Polka Dot Jersey in the Tour de France are a great example of these. This award is also called King of the Mountains, and goes to the cyclist who performs best in the mountainous parts of the race. Besides these specific bets you can enjoy in-play wagering, placing bets as the action unfolds, when you feel ready. The different cycling bets will always be able to match your level of experience and skill.

Cycling Betting Strategy Tips

Wagering on cycling events is an art that you will continue to develop over time, but we have some basic pointers to get you started at the online betting sites in New Jersey. Our first piece of advice is to manage your bankroll with care. Your best chance of playing the long game and getting decent returns with cycling bets is to spread the stakes across several riders by backing stage winners with small amounts.

Secondly, we recommend that you try to find out as much statistical information and other facts as you can, like rider performance history at different altitudes and in different terrains. Besides gathering performance facts, there is other information you can find out. For example, the best game plan for a riding team is known to be to cycle for the most stage wins and points, so make sure that the competitors you are backing are part of a team that has that strategy.

Our Reviewed Sportsbooks

Cycling betting will really challenge you, but the potential winnings make the risks and trials very worthwhile. The time you spend at the online New Jersey sportsbooks we review will be very well-rewarded.