Online Horse Betting for NJ

America is truly a sporting nation, and part of that is also being a betting nation. Enthusiastic punters in New Jersey and the rest of the country have always enjoyed putting money on the outcome of races and sporting events, and one of the oldest and best-loved ways to do this is with horse betting. Now this well-established pastime is keeping up with technology and you can do all your betting online, choosing from many more punts and markets than ever before. We want to ensure you get the most from these great new online horse race betting opportunities, and to help you do that we’ve put some guidelines together here.

Understanding Your Horse Betting Prospects

If you understand the wagers that are possible at online New Jersey betting sites, you can combine this knowledge with all the information you find out through your research and with your own instincts as well. This will help you to make betting decisions that you are confident about.

When you’re starting out, it’s always best to begin with simple bets and the win and place wagers are the easiest horse race bets. You only need to say which horse you think will win or come in second or third place or, with an each way bet, which horses will take all three top positions. As your insights grow, you can branch out into the various exotic bets available such as exactas and quadrellas. You can even run several wagers on different events in one multi bet such as a parlay. These combine all your bets and odds on one ticket and are quite risky because every bet must win for you to be paid out, but also very rewarding because all the odds are multiplied together. Event-specific bets are usually entertainingly creative and very lucrative, so they are worth looking out for as well.

Analyzing Before Horse Betting

Researching all you can before making any horse betting decisions is highly recommended and we suggest finding out about the horses and their jockeys, because the two work together as a unit and have great influence on each other. Check the number and name, winning or losing streaks, win/loss percentages and anything else you can find. Keep your ears open for racing tips as well, such as the track conditions, and be sure to consider everything before you put any money down at online betting sites in New Jersey.

Weigh Odds Carefully for Horse Betting

After reviewing all the tips and information you find, consider the odds on the race. Backing a favorite at the online New Jersey betting sites we review will probably pay you something, but it may quite small. By the same token, backing a long shot is riskier but can also pay out substantial rewards. Weigh the odds against your confidence levels.

Use Bonuses Wisely in Horse Betting

Most of the online New Jersey horse betting sites that are reviewed here offer big bonuses and other promotions, and these can maximize your wagers and winnings. Look for event-specific deals on each race and for general offers as well, so you can take full advantage of them when punting.

Trust Your Intuition for Horse Betting

Horse betting decisions should not ever be based on emotions but we do encourage making the time to listen to your instincts as you gain more insights into races, riders and horses. Start developing this understanding with a visit to one of the online New Jersey sports betting sites reviewed here today.