Enjoy NJ Online Ice Hockey Betting

As a proud sporting nation, many sports are held close to America’s heart. This is clearly seen in New Jersey, and there is no game more popular than ice hockey in the garden state. Watching these professional athletes do what they do best is always exciting, especially when you put money down on the outcome. These bets bring you thrills and, if you are shrewd and careful, big rewards as well. We want to help you learn what you need to maximize your ice hockey betting fun and payouts, so we’ve compiled some guidelines to the different bets available to you.

Total Bets

Also called over/under bets, these wagers are popular in online New Jersey betting sites for lots of different sports. You need to say whether the total final score will be less or more than what is forecast on the site. If the actual score equals the prediction exactly all wagers are usually refunded, so the risks with this kind of ice hockey betting are lower than with other kinds. This makes it perfect for beginners.

Moneyline Bets

These are the commonest and most easily understood ice hockey betting options in the online sportsbooks in New Jersey, so they are also a great choice for novices. You just have to say which of the two teams will win, and the odds are the only variable you have to consider. The odds are normally set up so that backing a winning favorite pays out less than supporting a winning underdog does.

Puckline Bets

These punts are similar to MLB run line punts also offered by online sportsbooks in New Jersey. The stronger of the two teams needs to exceed a 1.5 spread before you are paid out, if you have bet on them. This means they need to win by at least two goals. If you back the underdogs, they can win outright or lose by only one goal for you to be paid out. If you feel sure of a favorite being strong enough to win by a few goals or of an underdog being strong enough to lose by only one goal, this is a great betting option.

Propositional and Future Bets

These bets involve event-specific occurrences and can be made in the regular NHL season but are most rewarding in the playoffs. You can wager on the performance of individual players, who will make the first goal or anything else that the creative minds who run the online betting sites in New Jersey.

Future bets are specialized prop bets. They are placed on future outcomes such as which team will take a tournament. The most popular future punt in ice hockey betting is who will win the Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in America. It’s given to the playoff champions and over the off season, regular season and playoffs lines are offered on all competing teams, allowing you to analyze their performances as you place your future bets.

Bet on Ice Hockey Online

We’ve only been able to scratch the surface of what ice hockey betting can offer, but we hope we have whet your appetite. If you feel ready to discover more for yourself, check out the great online New Jersey sportsbooks reviewed here and put some money on a game now.