Great New Jersey Rugby Betting Online

Rugby isn’t the first word that pops into your head when you think of American sportsbetting, but its popularity is definitely on the rise countrywide and for residents of New Jersey in particular. The high action of these games is comparable to that of football matches, and can provide a wealth of entertainment as US bettors begin exploring the great opportunities New Jersey sportsbooks are offering for rugby betting. Athletes participating are pushed to endurance and beyond, and the punishing physical aspects of the game make it a wonderful spectator’s sport, and an even better one for betting.

There are two distinct codes for rugby, and this adds another layer of excitement to the whole experience, as the rugby betting for each is different. There are great rugby markets available, and they offer an additional way to enjoy this exciting sport. Take part in a little international sporting action today, with some of the best athletes anywhere in the world.

Rugby Union Betting Options

These games are better known in America and around the world than any other, and the highpoint for rugby union betting has to be the Six Nations Championship.

The championship involves six sides, all European, France, Italy, Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland, and the format is a very simple one. Each of the teams will face off against every other team once, with the advantage of home field alternating between each year.  Two points are awarded to the winning team, one to each team for a draw, and none to the losers, and there is no bonus point system in place.

Bettors from New Jersey will be able to choose from an exciting variety of rugby betting markets, including England’s Finishing Position, Scotland’s Total Tries and Exact Number of Ireland’s Wins, and can access all the relevant information on these bets right here.

Rugby League Betting

The rugby league has been gaining popularity since the formation of the Super League in 1996, and, although the English teams have definitely dominated these competitions, the French give them a good run for their money.

Rugby betting options for this code include handicap betting and match results, and bets are usually settled on 80 minutes play. Unless otherwise stated by the New Jersey sportsbook you have selected, extra time will not be taken into account, and a match draw or handicap tie can result in the bet being voided and your money refunded. Check the details of your bets with the sportsbook you are making them with to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

NJ Sportsbooks Offering Rugby Betting

Take your time to investigate the New Jersey sportsbooks featured on this website and find your sportsbook match today. Sports betting guides, information on players and games as well as strategy hints and tips are all available, along with an abundance of great rugby betting markets. Sign up for an account today at one of these suggested sportsbooks and get into the exciting world of rugby betting.