Find Online Super Bowl Betting in New Jersey

The National Football League (NFL) is one of America’s best-loved and most respected institutions, and the high standards of its games mean they are always thrilling to watch. The much-anticipated Super Bowl is the culmination of the season, and offers spectators the world’s best football as well as performances by many of its hottest stars.

It’s always more exciting to watch NFL games when you have some money riding on them, and this is especially true on Super Sunday. The online New Jersey sportsbooks that we review here offer some really incredible bets, and we consider it our duty to help you make the most of them. That’s why we’ve put this handy guide to Super Bowl betting options together.

Super Bowl Betting Options – Point Spreads

These simple wagers are very common Super Bowl betting choices, and are the perfect starting point for beginners. The spread number is taken away from the favorite team so that they start with a handicap, and is awarded to the underdogs so that they start with an advantage. If you put money on a point spread bet that backs the stronger team, they will have to exceed the spread before you are paid out.

These bets are great because researching two teams is quite easy, and most online betting sites in New Jersey and the rest of America charge you a very low percentage to place the bets. The spread does change with the amount of people betting, but significant injuries are the only thing that can really cause drastic changes. Be sure to keep your eyes open for injury reports.

Moneylines for Super Bowl Betting

These straight up bets don’t involve point spreads, and all you need to do is say which team you think will lift the Lombardi Trophy. Online betting sites in New Jersey and the rest of the country usually use American odds, where a positive number is given to the underdog team and its negative counterpart is given to the favorites. For example, a +200 might be given to the weaker team and a -200 to the stronger team. This would mean the odds of the underdogs winning are 1/2 and the odds of the favorites winning are 2/1. To win $100 when backing the stronger contenders, you need to bet $200. To win $200 backing the weaker team, you only need to bet $100 on them.

Super Bowl Betting with Totals

Also known as over/under bets, these require you to say whether the final score total will be more or less the prediction on your betting site. They are very popular at most online New Jersey sportsbooks, and are a great option if you believe a game will have an especially high or low combined score.

Propositional Bets

Prop bets are event-specific and are for very special and popular events only, so there are always several Super Bowl betting prop options. They range from very legitimate, such as who will score the game’s first touchdown, to a little crazy, such as what color the Gatorade poured over the winning team’s coach will be. Offline and online sportsbooks in New Jersey and the rest of the country use these as a way to have a little fun, and they will definitely spice up your Super Sunday.

Wager on the Super Bowl

You’re going to be watching the game anyway, so why not enjoy a little Super Bowl betting action at the same time? Check out some of the great online New Jersey betting sites we’ve reviewed and grab your slice of the action.