Tennis Betting in New Jersey

Tennis is a fast-paced fun sport that can keep you riveted, and being able to bet on a match or tournament makes it even more exciting. At the top rated New Jersey sportsbooks that we promote on our site you can enjoy a myriad of tennis betting opportunities for American and international games, and whether you want to wager on the US Open, Wimbledon or the Davis Cup, you can do it all online.

The top rated NJ sportsbooks give you the chance to indulge in tennis betting at your leisure, and if you want to support home-gown US players or place your bets further afield, the chance of a large payout is ever-present.

Tennis Betting Types

Before you start tennis betting it’s important that you know a little bit more about the types of bets that you place. By understanding the different betting types and what they entail you can ensure that you place solid bets from the get-go, and that you stand a greater chance of a successful result. The bets explained here are just some of the more popular styles, but will give you a head start when wanting to try tennis betting online:

Straight up/Outright Bets: These bets are the most common and will see you wagering on who you think will be the winner of a match. Often the favorite will have lower odds than an underdog and if you think the underdog could be victorious take a chance, you could be well rewarded.

Set totals/over/under: In this bet you’ll wager on how many sets a match will last and what the score will be. A sportsbook will ask you to choose whether you think the set total will be lower or higher than their predicted figure and you’ll have to guess which option will become a reality. These bets are great fun and break the game up into sections, each of which can attract a payout if your prediction proves correct.

Prop bets: These bets can cover a myriad of options and sportsbooks will offer these as an alternative to the usual wagers. Prop bets can be on factors such as which player will make more double faults in  a match or who will be the first to serve into the net, and they can be rather rewarding if the odds are high.

New Jersey’s finest sportsbooks might also offer tennis betting options such as letting you pick a tournaments loser or runners up, and there are so many different markets open for you to enjoy. Live tennis betting is also offered by many of the elite sportsbooks we recommend, and this adds an extra level of excitement to your wagering and lets those with more experience analyze the game during play.

The Best New Jersey Tennis Wagering Online

In addition to the myriad of tennis betting options on offer there are also a number of categories bettors can wager on. Unlike NFL or NBA or almost any other sport, the game of tennis takes on numerous forms. There are men’s singles and woman’s singles, doubles matches and mixed doubles, all of which give you the chance to bet on the players and their performance.

Regardless of which incantation you prefer or the types of wager you enjoy most, tennis betting offers plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy a hefty payout. Choose one of the top rated New Jersey-friendly sportsbooks that we suggest and join a huge number of other Americans who enjoy betting on tennis online.